Ultra Micro P-51 RC BNF – Parkzone Airplane Review

The Mustang P-51 is perhaps one of the best known planes to have fought in any war. When jet fighters started to take the place of Mustangs in air battles many were decommissioned and sold to private collectors for non-military uses such as air racing. It is considered to one of the finest fighter aircrafts ever designed and many still fly in air shows today across the country. Being a fan of all things aviation I was pretty excited to get my hands on the Ultra Micro P-51 BNF from Parkzone.

Let me tell you that flying this plane will not disappoint any flying enthusiast. It is extremely acrobatic and can pull off any of the stunts you want to throw at it. You will be only limited by your imagination when you fly this plane. You’ll be pulling hard inverted barrel rolls in imaginary dogfights as soon as you charge up the battery for this plane and sync your controller.

Be aware that this plane has been designed for the more advanced RC plane user as the controls won’t as forgiving as some beginner RC planes on the market and it won’t auto correct itself when you let go of the controls like most of the beginner planes will. What this plane will do is high speed stunts that will keep you on the edge of your seat while you’re flying this aerobatic little plane. The great thing about this plane just like other micro planes is that you won’t need very much room to fly it in. You’ll be set if you have decent sized backyard and if you don’t have a decent size backyard then going to any neighbourhood baseball diamond will give you plenty of room to put the Ultra Micro P-51 through its paces.

A word of caution for people that might be moving from a RC beginner plane to a more advanced RC plane is to make sure you start off slowly with this plane. Start with small tricks that are easy to recover from so you will be able to get use to the controls before moving onto harder stunts. With the addition of ailerons to the plane which a lot of beginner planes don’t include it makes it a little bit harder to fly but also allows you to pull off all those cool tricks you want. The ailerons will vastly improve the trick capabilities of your RC plane but will also make it that much more complicated to control but allows for a lot more stunts to be performed. Just take it slow so you will be able to get a good handle on the basics of flying pulling out of sharp dives and steep climbs before you start on the barrel rolls and loops or you may see your new purchase smashed into the ground before you have a good chance to master the basics.

This is a great looking plane as it comes with very authentic decals and scale measurements based on actual Mustang P51s known as the “Gun Fighter” airplane which can still be seen flying and performing stunts in air shows across the country. The plane includes a fully proportional throttle, elevator, ailerons and rudder flap to make it possible to do any of the flying stunts you can think of. The steerable tail wheel also makes it easy to navigate this plane around any obstacles on the ground that might be in its way on landings and take offs.

The plane is controlled by the Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 AR6400 receiver which comes installed in the plane already and is a 6-channel ultra-micro receiver with built in servos, speed control and Parkzones X-port which allows for future expansions. This plane requires the Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 aircraft transmitter which is sold separately.

Best place to buy the Ultra Micro P-51 BNF?

From the research that I’ve done when trying to the find the best prices it turned out that Amazon.com can’t really be beat being as they always tend to have the best prices for everything and make buying accessories for the Ultra Micro P-51 BNF really easy. Also with most Amazon.com purchases you can get free shipping which can’t be beat when you shop with smaller retailers. Click here to check out the Ultra Micro P-51 BNF from Parkzone.

Ember 2 RTF Micro Hobby RC Airplane Parkzone Review

The Ember 2 RTF is a very lightweight flyer produced by Parkzone which produce very high quality RC planes so you know you will be getting a good quality product when you purchase their planes. It has great slow motion flying technology that allows it to be flown indoors as well as outside. This plane is very lightweight so you don’t have to worry about wrecking it if you fly it into objects as it doesn’t have enough weight behind it to actually cause damage to its structure. It’s about the equivalent of dropping a plastic cup on the ground and the cup just bouncing off the ground with no damage.

I really enjoy my Ember 2 for flying around my living room but I really like teh fact that I can also take it outside and fly in my backyard. This plane is great at doing stunts and extremely fun to fly. If you’re looking for a plane that can be flown indoors as well as outside then I can highly recommend the Ember 2 RTF. I like this plane because I can fly it straight off my deck and not have to worry about the amount of room I have as its very quick and responsive on the controls and doesn’t need a large or long takeoff area.

The Ember 2 RTF is great for gift giving as everything the person needs to fly this plane comes in one box including the batteries for it. As soon as the batteries are charged the plane is ready to fly. Once the person has learned the basic flying skills with these planes they will be able to easily move on to more advanced flying planes so they will be able to pull even more stunts and flying tricks.

The battery charge time on these planes I find to be fairly short and flight time is actually quite a bit longer than my heavier outdoor planes so I get a much longer flight time when playing with this plane then I do from my more advanced planes.

This Ember 2 RTF plane uses the 2.4 GHz DSM2 radio technology which means that even in environments where there are other RC planes flying your plane will still lock onto your controller so you won’t have to worry about interference while you’re flying your RC plane. Also once you have purchased your first 2.4 GHz DSM2 radio controller you will be able to use it with all the other Parkzone RC planes which will save you a bit of money on your next purchases as you will only need to buy the BNF (Bind to Fly) version of the RC plane instead of the RTF (Ready to Fly) version.

I would highly recommend the Ember 2 RTF as a fun RC plane to fly and a great addition to the Parkzone line of RC plane. It’s great to fly this indoors and outdoors when the wind is still. This plane is suitable to give as a gift to people that haven’t had any RC flying experience as they should be able to pick up the skills needed quite quickly and will give them the experience needed to fly the more advanced RC planes available in this line of RC planes.

Best place to buy the Ember 2 RTF from Parkzone?

With all the research I’ve done to find the best spot to purchase the Ember 2 RTF it turned out that the best spot is Amazon.com. There is generally some sort of free shipping deal going which most small retailers can’t compete with and Amazon makes it really easy to purchase extra items like extra batteries and replacement parts when needed. Click here to view the Ember 2 RTF on Amazon.com.

Night Vapor RTF – Best Indoor RC Plane

If you’re looking for a great RC plane that you are able to fly indoors around your living room or basement and is virtually indestructible than the Night Vapor RTF is probably the best indoor RC plane I’ve owned. I searched for quite awhile before I found an indoor plane that lived up to my expectation actually flew well indoors and that didn’t require a lot of room to maneuver but was still able to do stunt tricks and this RC plane does exactly this and more.

This plane is considered a slow flying plane which is ideal for flights around you living room and has built in LCD lights that make for great night or lights off flying. What makes it virtually indestructible is that it is super lightweight so as long as you don’t power it any object its own weight is the only force behind and the actual plane weighs very little so it just more or less bumps into objects and doesn’t get hurt. I’ve flown it into many walls and floors and its still goes great.

Great Features

Some of the great features of the Night Vapor RTF are the preinstalled LED lights that make it fun for night time flights, its modular design which means the plane and its parts come apart easily for easy storage and transport and even have removable landing gear. It has a working throttle, rudder and elevator to allow for lots of tricks and flying stunts. It uses the Spektrum DSM2 radio technology to allow for greater control when flying this airplane. This plane comes with everything you need to start flying in your living straight from the box and all you need to do is charge up the battery and you’re ready to go. I like to have an extra battery on hand so I can always have one charging while I’m using the other.

Light as a Feather

Being as this is one of the lightest planes I’ve come across you will have to be careful about flying this outside if there is any wind about as it will get carried off course by even the slightest breeze. This plane is definitely designed to be flown mainly indoors or in areas of little to no wind but that’s what makes it unique is its one of the few RC planes I’ve found that are truly for use inside of a living room or basement.

The Night Vapor RTF is great for beginners and very easy to put together and repair if a part ever does become damaged. This plane does cool stunts as well you’ll just have to practise until you get the hang of it. I keep this plane beside my armchair so I can take it out for a quick spin around the living room if I need a break from working.

Best place to buy the Night Vapor RTF?

Whenever I’m looking to buy anything I pretty much head straight to Amazon.com as they tend to negotiate the best deals that I’ve found on the Internet and tend to always have some sort of free shipping deal going and super fast delivery so there isn’t the endless waiting around that tends to happen when you order items online. Click here to check out the Night Vapor RTF.

Champ RTF

When I started flying RC planes I really wish the Champ RTF was around. It would have been a lot more fun and easier on my pocket book being as on my first RC planes maiden flight quite a few years ago I ended up smashing that plane into the ground and damaging the plane beyond repair and had to buy a whole new plane.

This is where the Champ RTF would have come in handy as its been built for beginners to quickly learn the skills needed to fly RC planes and has been designed be very durable and not to get damaged beyond repair if it crashes.

From the testing and research I’ve done to find a good beginners RC plane I can say that the the Champ RTF is one of the best RC beginner airplanes on the market. I was looking for a good one to give to my nephew as he is always wanting to fly some of the more advanced planes I own and the Champ RTF has turned out to be probably the best RC plane I’ve tried so far. It is a small lightweight plane that is ideal for absolute beginners and people that haven’t had any prior RC airplane experience. If you are an experienced flyer like me then you will still enjoy the Champs RTF highly responsive controls and agility to fly in tight spaces as well.

This is also a great plane to bring out when you have guests that don’t have any flying experience but are interested in trying it out when they come visit you. I have a small area beside my house where I can let them try this plane out and it handles great in this space. I also don’t have to worry about visiting kids breaking this plane when they play with it which saves my more expensive models from getting smashed repeatedly into the ground which is nice. The plane itself is designed to be highly durable as it’s made out of foam so it’s great for beginner’s RC plane to start people on and give as gifts to people that don’t have any flying experience.

One Box has it All

The great thing about the Champ RTF RC plane is that it comes with everything you need to teach yourself how to fly in one box. It even includes the battery and recharger which is a nice bonus as there is nothing worse than getting a new toy and having to go out and track down batteries for it. You can open this box and walk out to your backyard and start flying with minimal setup time which makes it great if you decide to give this RC airplane as a gift to someone. All you need to do is charge up the battery that comes with plane and you’re ready fly. The plane is fully assembled straight out of the box and is ready for flight. Not only do you get to pretty much open the box and start flying you will get to save your sanity by not having to pour over complicated instructions trying to figure which piece goes where. I remember it took me weeks to assemble my first plane and many trips to my hobby store to replace the pieces I had glued together which shouldn’t have been glued together and in the end I probably could have built two or three planes with all the pieces I ruined trying to assemble my first RC plane.

Superior Control in the Palm of Your Hand

For those that have flown RC planes before you’ll be pleased to know that the Champ RTF comes with a Spektrum Technology 2.4GHz DSM transmitter which ensures great control of your RC plane. I’m impressed that this plane designed with beginners in mind comes with such a good controller as I would imagine that this is where other beginner RC plane kits would replace this controller with a lesser model to save themselves a couple of bucks. It’s refreshing to see that the Champ RTF has been built with the end user in mind. It seems that too many products built these days are built by accounts looking to save a penny here or save a penny there and releasing inferior products on the market which makes the Champ RTF a breath of fresh air. The Spektrum RC Control System works by having the RC plane scan for the Spektrum Controllers two free emitting RF channels and when it finds these two emitting channels it locks itself onto these signals to ensure greater responsive and accuracy when flying even in crowded RC plane environments.

The Proof is in the Details

No detail is left out when the manufactures put this little beauty together. There is ribbing on the wings for greater stability and adds to the look of the plane and ups the responsiveness of the plane. The steerable tail wheel is a nice bonus when you over shoot your landing area and have to get it back to you without having to go on a long hike. The plane itself includes all the features needed for a great flight such as elevator flaps used to make the plane climb or dive, rudder flaps for left and right steering and the accelerator for speed control on the ground and in the air.

The Power to Defy Gravity

The battery that comes with the Champ RTF RC plane is the 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po battery which is an excellent lightweight fast charging battery that provides superior flight time over the old batteries I use to own. I now have four of these batteries so I always have a couple of spare fresh batteries when I go out for a day of flying. I’ve also found I get much longer flight times with these batteries then I ever did with my old set of batteries. I really like these batteries as they last a long time without having to be charged every two seconds like some of the other batteries I’ve used in the past.

All in all I would highly recommend the Champ RTF RC airplane if you are looking for a great beginners airplane. This plane is ideal for those with little or no experience at flying RC planes and even children that have a bit of instruction will be flying this plane like a pro in no time. The manufacture is quick to fix any issues you may have this plane and their website has some instructional videos if you prefer some instruction before you try it yourself. Happy flying as this is one of the best planes I have flown for beginners.

Best place to buy the Champ RTC?

The best place I’ve found to purchase the Champ RTC is on Amazon. They generally always has some sort of free shipping offer going on which can’t really be beat by most small retailers online and Amazon also offer the best prices as well from the research I’ve done. They also make it really easy to purchase add-ons like extra batteries for the Champ RTC. Click here to view on Amazon.

RC Remote Control Airplanes Reviews – Radio Controlled Airplanes

RC remote control airplanes have been slowly gaining widespread popularilty through out the world. In the past it was only the serious hobbyist that flew RC planes because you had to buy expensive complicated kits that you had to buy and assemble yourself but with the advancements in technology over the past few years the prices have come down a lot and are now even faster and llighter than there predecessors and come complete straight out of the box and ready to fly. Listed below is a selection of the best RC remote control airplanes on the market today.